Do you want to give your business leaders the tools to care for their mental health and better manage workplace stress and anxiety?

Do you want to address your workplace culture around mental health?

I have presented to business leaders all across North America on mental health in the workplace. I am also an award winning public speaker, a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Certified Canadian Counsellor.


  • Talking About Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace and Beyond
  • Anxiety and Stress Management Tips to Improve Workplace Productivity and Satisfaction
  • Mental Health and Self-Care
  • Tips for Managing Mental Health
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Mental Health Stigma
  • Custom: I am happy to meet with select staff and create a presentation which will address the specific pain points of your organization.

There is still significant stigma in the workplace around mental health, meaning there is a negative judgment around mental health struggles. That stigma makes having conversations about mental health in the workplace difficult. I can help guide difficult conversations around mental health and also provide strategies for optimal mental health and performance in the workplace.

Want to book with me? Book a free 20 minute consult call here and we can discuss the needs of your organization and what you might be looking for. I can provide presentations both virtually and in-person.