EMDR therapy is a very effective treatment for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other trauma affecting mental health.

Otherwise known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, your therapist will help lead you through revisiting a traumatic memory while simultaneously using eye movement to reduce the vividness and intensity of emotions associated with the memories. Research has shown that using EMDR therapy has also had a positive effect for people who were experiencing a variety of disorders including anxiety, depression, OCD, addiction, and chronic pain.

One thing that is different about EMDR therapy from other mental health therapies is that treatment does not require talking in detail with your therapist about the trauma, which some people find traumatic in and of itself. With EMDR therapy the goal is to help the brain resume its natural healing process, rather than trying to change the behaviours and thoughts that resulted from the trauma. By changing the way the memory is stored in the brain, the symptoms associated with the traumatic memories will be reduced or eliminated entirely.

If you would like to discuss EMDR therapy as a possible treatment for PTSD, trauma, stress, or another issue affecting your mental health, please book a complimentary 20 minute consultation. I can help you determine if EMDR would be right for you, or if another form of treatment might be more effective.

The ‘R’ in EMDR stands for ‘reprocessing’, essentially changing the way that your brain stores memories around trauma. By accessing the traumatic memory in a specific way and then using an outside stimulus (usually visual, hence the ‘eye movement’ part of the acronym) the feelings around the memory will decrease in intensity. You may still experience a stress response around specific triggers such as smells or sounds, but they will be much milder. After desensitization, new and positive feelings can be associated with the memory instead. 

Although EMDR is commonly used to treat PTSD, many people have found it helpful with other mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.