Group therapy is an effective and cost efficient way to receive high quality therapy.

Many people are intimidated by a group therapy approach, but after doing a group they find they were able to make important changes to their thoughts and behaviors, and ultimately improve their mental health. Sometimes stigma around mental health or fear of judgement can hold people back from joining a therapy group. However, most people find that joining a group provided them with exactly what they were needing: consistent support and tools to heal.

If you’re not able to make the financial investment in individual therapy a group is much more cost effective. In addition, it is often therapeutic to watch others work through the same issues as you at the same time. Groups reduce stigma, promote connection with others, and help to reduce symptoms.

If you are unsure if you want to join a group, that’s normal in my experience most people are a tad unsure, I suggest putting your name on the waitlist list by emailing or phoning the practice,  819-412-6808. You can learn more about our group offerings and there is no pressure to join.